The Family We Choose

We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve celebrated our successes and mourned our defeats. We’ve sat back and watched in amazement at the strength we often didn’t know we had- and we’ve picked each other up when we just didn’t think we could go on any longer. Our kids have fought and made up, spent countless weekendsContinue reading “The Family We Choose”

Kickin’ Axes – April

My To Do List of 2021 included doing one new thing a month. Since I started the list late it makes sense that this action item would start late, as well.. Going home for a few days with my daughter led to the discussion about what we should do and she suggested this place. IContinue reading “Kickin’ Axes – April”

To Do List of 2021

I tried this last year and sucked at it just as badly as I did in 2018. I can blame the pandemic, because, let’s be honest, it’s affected EVERYTHING but, in reality, I just haven’t put much effort into the “little things”. However, on the eve of my 49th birthday I’m thinking it’s time… definitelyContinue reading “To Do List of 2021”

Life As We Know It…

I had, honestly, been taking all of this in stride, one day at a time, paying attention but not OBSESSED, but this SERIOUSLY breaks my heart. These kids are being robbed of a crucial college experience; major EARNED milestones like graduation and ring ceremonies will not be celebrated, housing situations are being left in chaos,Continue reading “Life As We Know It…”

What I want for Christmas this year:

1. To send my kids a text asking: what meals do you want me to make for you while you’re home?”  ✔️ 2. Christmas music playing non stop – loud enough for everyone to hear no matter what room you’re in in this house. ✔️ 3. To put clean, fuzzy sheets on a bed that hasn’t beenContinue reading “What I want for Christmas this year:”

November ALREADY, Kindle Unlimited, & Marie Kondo

I cant believe we are already into November! It was just the other day I was writing about Back to Basics – Holy crap, it took me THAT long to actually get started! The year is almost OVER! Anyway, in my long overdue journey of clearing out the crap I stumbled upon the cutest littleContinue reading “November ALREADY, Kindle Unlimited, & Marie Kondo”

30 Days of Thankful – and why I almost didn’t do it.

Every November since 2012 I’ve done this 30 Days of Thankful thing.  It first started as a fb “challenge” from a friend and it quickly became one of my favorite things to do. One I usually look forward to all year long.  This year, for some reason, I just didn’t want to do it.  It’sContinue reading “30 Days of Thankful – and why I almost didn’t do it.”