Kickin’ Axes – April

My To Do List of 2021 included doing one new thing a month. Since I started the list late it makes sense that this action item would start late, as well..

Going home for a few days with my daughter led to the discussion about what we should do and she suggested this place. I am not the best at ANYTHING physical but it was definitely new so I made the reservation.

We got there and everyone was totally gracious. They explained the process, the rules, etc.. then they tell us we can bring our own alcohol. Axes AND alcohol??? What could possibly go wrong? Lucky for us; NOTHING!

Before we even officially started I threw one out “for fun” and actually made it right on the bullseye. It was clearly a lucky shot because I never did it agin. AND I WAS THE ONLY ONE!

Doesn’t matter though, because we still had a ton of fun.

Now it’s probably not something I would be in a hurry to do again anytime soon but I am glad I did it at least once. And this is sorta the point of all of this, right…