I survived – Just Barely

Some days just don’t begin like I’d like them to… but the fact that they begin at all is a blessing- So I’ll just build from there. #learningtolivewithgratitude This trial has proven to be harder than I thought. My fever got as high as 104 and my BP went up to 162/108. There were aContinue reading “I survived – Just Barely”

Moderna COVID-19 Clinical Trial, Phase 3

It appears I am one of the 30,000 people taking part in phase 3 of this trial. My first injection will be administered on Monday, August 3rd @ 7am. Part of this trial involves keeping a log of the experience so consider this your warning.If, for some reason, you don’t hear from me again afterContinue reading “Moderna COVID-19 Clinical Trial, Phase 3”

Life As We Know It…

I had, honestly, been taking all of this in stride, one day at a time, paying attention but not OBSESSED, but this SERIOUSLY breaks my heart. These kids are being robbed of a crucial college experience; major EARNED milestones like graduation and ring ceremonies will not be celebrated, housing situations are being left in chaos,Continue reading “Life As We Know It…”