I survived – Just Barely

Some days just don’t begin like I’d like them to… but the fact that they begin at all is a blessing- So I’ll just build from there. #learningtolivewithgratitude

This trial has proven to be harder than I thought. My fever got as high as 104 and my BP went up to 162/108. There were a few moments I was pretty convinced it was over for me.

I slept ALOT- as in, this is the longest I’ve been awake since Monday. But when I finally did wake up It was to a bunch of missed calls and texts asking how I was so I feel truly blessed for that.. and kobi; as long as I’m in bed, he is, too.

I haven’t eaten since noon on Monday so I better have lost a pound or five.

My lymph nodes are so swollen they’re protruding from my skin. They tell me it’s “normal”. Apparently, breaking you down so they can see if this version of the vaccine will build you back up again is part of the process. I probably should have asked more questions before I agreed to it.

I have zero energy. Every fiber in me hurts. I am either sweating profusely or I’m freezing. Id kill for a fresh set of sheets. I’d change them myself if I had the energy to do so. This is about the time not living near my mom starts to hurt. No one can make a bed like she can.

I had the craziest dreams. A lot involved water. I was either running or swimming. Im not very good at either one of those. I’m assuming I can attribute that to one of the books I’m currently reading. In a nutshell, its about the Egyptian belief that whether you walk or swim, you always end up where you’re supposed to. Whatever path you take will always lead you the one meant for you. Some of us just take longer to get there. 😳🤷🏼‍♀️😳

The next time I agree to something like this – someone slap the sh$t out of me, ok. Thanks.

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