Summer Road Trip of 2023

The decision has been made and we are traveling the 1278 miles to Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming; making an overnight stop in Denver, Co. More to come…..

Zipping Our Way Through (really AT) the Natural Bridge Caverns

In sticking with my goal of doing SOMETHING new (as often as I can) once a month I decided to use Father’s Day as one of those opportunities. WIth only two of my three kids here I figured it couldn’t hurt. We’ve all been doing the same thing every day for a while now…maybe itContinue reading “Zipping Our Way Through (really AT) the Natural Bridge Caverns”

Magnolia Silos, Shopping, and Cupcakes

An impromptu trip to Branson led to an even more impromptu stop at the Silos. Now this place has been on my yearly Things to Do List for several years now and in November of 2020; I finally got to go. Best part; it was completely unexpected! The stop started out routinely enough… the silosContinue reading “Magnolia Silos, Shopping, and Cupcakes”

Top Five Places to Visit

Top 5 Places to Visit I love to travel… I will go anywhere, anytime – all I need is a few minutes notice and I will be packed and sitting by the curb waiting for someone, anyone, to pick me up. I am lucky enough to say that I have been to some pretty amazingContinue reading “Top Five Places to Visit”

STAY-CATION – San Antonio, TX

There is something to be said about becoming a tourist in your own back yard. Although I have been to SA hundreds, if not thousands, of times, I have never really SEEN it.. not like this anyway.. I lived there for eight years as a child and had never even heard of the Majestic Theatre.Continue reading “STAY-CATION – San Antonio, TX”

New Orleans; So Much More Than Mardi Gras

(Original Post Feb 2016) What if you knew of a place where the scenery changes every single day; a place where the food is beyond amazing and the music, best ever! A place where centuries old architecture is the backdrop for a culture so invigorating, it’ll rouse your soul and your spirit. Well, i thinkContinue reading “New Orleans; So Much More Than Mardi Gras”

House of Cards (aka Washington DC)

(Original post 04/2016) Another work trip.. but I cant complain when it’s a place as gorgeous and filled with history as this one. Leaving a day early for some sightseeing is definitely a habit I will keep. Going to work knowing I have seen what’s on the other side of the hotel window is aContinue reading “House of Cards (aka Washington DC)”

Sleepless In Seattle

(Original post from June 2017) I had the pleasure of visiting Seattle, Washington for the very first time. It had been a while since I had been anywhere for the “first time” so I was pretty excited about going. I was told that the weather is always pretty dreary there. Mother Nature must have beenContinue reading “Sleepless In Seattle”