Zipping Our Way Through (really AT) the Natural Bridge Caverns

In sticking with my goal of doing SOMETHING new (as often as I can) once a month I decided to use Father’s Day as one of those opportunities. WIth only two of my three kids here I figured it couldn’t hurt. We’ve all been doing the same thing every day for a while now…maybe itContinue reading “Zipping Our Way Through (really AT) the Natural Bridge Caverns”

42 bottles of blood….

I went for my initial consult this morning. Went through the usual array of medical questions – when was your last period?  2006.. how many children? 3  do you drink? I have THREE children, of course I drink!  You get the idea.. I did the whole peeing in a cup thing, they took, what appearedContinue reading “42 bottles of blood….”

Law of Attraction – how hard could it be?

So I have been on this magical “transformation” of living with gratitude and positive thinking. It’s actually a lot harder than it sounds.. And, depending on the day, its down right impossible.   So, basically, the entire program can be summed up in three words.. *Believe *Gratitude *Visualize #1 First and foremost, you need toContinue reading “Law of Attraction – how hard could it be?”

Words of Wisdom for my College Freshman Daughter

So my baby , you are officially a college student. At this point, all I can do is pray that your dad and I taught you well and set you free.. It also means my time here sharing my “words of wisdom” is just about done and,although I meant each and every word I everContinue reading “Words of Wisdom for my College Freshman Daughter”

Then They Do….

I had three kids by the age of 26.. I remember being so tired I would go into the shower and cry. I worried about them constantly.. I worried that I wouldn’t have the energy to keep up with the midnight feedings or that I wasn’t paying enough attention to the boys or that I wasn’t payingContinue reading “Then They Do….”