Ctrl, Alt, Delete –

I’m a NEW MAC user… until about a year ago I was a Windows person all the way. Ctrl, Alt, Delete was a lifesaver. It’s how you “reboot” the system and start over. Clean slate.. Brand-spanking new. I was looking for the same combination on my MAC when it hit me… I need one of thoseContinue reading “Ctrl, Alt, Delete –”

Law of Attraction – how hard could it be?

So I have been on this magical “transformation” of living with gratitude and positive thinking. It’s actually a lot harder than it sounds.. And, depending on the day, its down right impossible.   So, basically, the entire program can be summed up in three words.. *Believe *Gratitude *Visualize #1 First and foremost, you need toContinue reading “Law of Attraction – how hard could it be?”