Summer Road Trip of 2023

The decision has been made and we are traveling the 1278 miles to Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming; making an overnight stop in Denver, Co. More to come…..

I survived – Just Barely

Some days just don’t begin like I’d like them to… but the fact that they begin at all is a blessing- So I’ll just build from there. #learningtolivewithgratitude This trial has proven to be harder than I thought. My fever got as high as 104 and my BP went up to 162/108. There were aContinue reading “I survived – Just Barely”

Zipping Our Way Through (really AT) the Natural Bridge Caverns

In sticking with my goal of doing SOMETHING new (as often as I can) once a month I decided to use Father’s Day as one of those opportunities. WIth only two of my three kids here I figured it couldn’t hurt. We’ve all been doing the same thing every day for a while now…maybe itContinue reading “Zipping Our Way Through (really AT) the Natural Bridge Caverns”

My Words of Wisdom as Klari Graduates from College (Hook ‘Em)

Well, baby, here we are. College graduation. I’m sure it comes as no big surprise that I’ve got a few things to say. And because you know how I’m wired on the inside, you also know i’m a bundle of emotions, so bear with me. Now I know you’re happiest when you’re not the focusContinue reading “My Words of Wisdom as Klari Graduates from College (Hook ‘Em)”

The Family We Choose

We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve celebrated our successes and mourned our defeats. We’ve sat back and watched in amazement at the strength we often didn’t know we had- and we’ve picked each other up when we just didn’t think we could go on any longer. Our kids have fought and made up, spent countless weekendsContinue reading “The Family We Choose”

Kickin’ Axes – April

My To Do List of 2021 included doing one new thing a month. Since I started the list late it makes sense that this action item would start late, as well.. Going home for a few days with my daughter led to the discussion about what we should do and she suggested this place. IContinue reading “Kickin’ Axes – April”

To Do List of 2021

I tried this last year and sucked at it just as badly as I did in 2018. I can blame the pandemic, because, let’s be honest, it’s affected EVERYTHING but, in reality, I just haven’t put much effort into the “little things”. However, on the eve of my 49th birthday I’m thinking it’s time… definitelyContinue reading “To Do List of 2021”

Magnolia Silos, Shopping, and Cupcakes

An impromptu trip to Branson led to an even more impromptu stop at the Silos. Now this place has been on my yearly Things to Do List for several years now and in November of 2020; I finally got to go. Best part; it was completely unexpected! The stop started out routinely enough… the silosContinue reading “Magnolia Silos, Shopping, and Cupcakes”