Words of Wisdom (and somewhat cheesy quotes) to Dylan as he turns the big 2-5!

I am sure by now you would think I would have run out of things to tell you since I have already said SO MUCH but there are still so many lessons (so, so, so many) to be learned. 1. You’re A Quarter-Of-A-Century Years Old! (May as well get the cheesiness out of the wayContinue reading “Words of Wisdom (and somewhat cheesy quotes) to Dylan as he turns the big 2-5!”

My Words of Wisdom to my 22 Year-Old Daughter

In my head, I know that you are 22 years old. In my heart, you are still, very much, my baby… While I find it hard to come up with any TRUE Words of Wisdom for you because anyone who knows you knows YOU are WAY more mature than all of us put together thereContinue reading “My Words of Wisdom to my 22 Year-Old Daughter”

Words of Wisdom for my 27 yr old son

TWENTY SEVEN YEARS OLD! I am still in utter disbelief! I am the mother of a 27 year old! We were babies when we had you…. we had no idea what to do or if you/we would even survive the first night alone with us.. we did, just barely, but we did. Now here weContinue reading “Words of Wisdom for my 27 yr old son”

On this day, two years ago… 2015

On this day, two years ago, our lives were forever changed. Although I was just an outsider looking in my heart was shattered into a million pieces and my faith in “Gods Plan” was doubted. But on this day, two years ago, I also saw a community come together, rivals stand together in prayer, andContinue reading “On this day, two years ago… 2015”

Moderna COVID-19 Clinical Trial, Phase 3

It appears I am one of the 30,000 people taking part in phase 3 of this trial. My first injection will be administered on Monday, August 3rd @ 7am. Part of this trial involves keeping a log of the experience so consider this your warning.If, for some reason, you don’t hear from me again afterContinue reading “Moderna COVID-19 Clinical Trial, Phase 3”