Words of Wisdom for my 27 yr old son

TWENTY SEVEN YEARS OLD! I am still in utter disbelief! I am the mother of a 27 year old! We were babies when we had you…. we had no idea what to do or if you/we would even survive the first night alone with us.. we did, just barely, but we did. Now here we are, 27 years later, probably not that much wiser than we were on this day all those years ago. We’ve all made our share of mistakes but I can tell you, without a shred of hesitation, you were (and continue to be) loved like no other.

I realized long ago that no “words of wisdom” from me were ever going to make a difference in your world. You have never had to be reminded to speak your truth or be the writer of your own book of life. Nope, not even once; you had that down since before you could even talk. But I am allowed one opportunity a year to say what I want to say without you making me delete it so there is no way In hell I am passing it up…

Derek, I know it seems like life is never going to be what you want it to be but you will have to trust me when I say; it will. Just TRY to adopt a few of these tidbits of knowledge I have learned over the years:1. Know what is important and what isn’t. While I admire your genuine animosity towards the decline of the Star Wars movies; at the end of the day, you have ZERO control over it.. Don’t let these things get to you. Let it slide right off your back like I do when I’m told I have the eating habits of a 12 year old. Remember what is TRULY important and what you can do about it and focus on THOSE things and those things only. Everything else is just noise.

2. CHOOSE patience, trust, and peace above everything else. Every day is what you make of it. Choosing these things will make that day so much easier to get through. Everyone is a product of their decisions, not a victim of their circumstances. Even Harry Potter..

3 Stop trying to figure out who is with you, against you, or doesn’t even care. If you have to question it; you probably already know the answer. Opinions are a dime a dozen, validation from anyone but yourself is completely unnecessary, and love isnt just a word but a way of life. Just because we don’t always agree doesn’t mean we love you any less. On the contrary; we wouldn’t even know what REAL love was if it wasn’t for you. The day you came into this world was the day I FELT true love. Just because we may disagree on certain things doesnt and will NEVER EVER EVER change that. Having you was the greatest, most scariest, most challenging day of my life; it was the day I learned what it was like to have my heart beat on the OUTSIDE of my body.

4. Everything is temporary. Moments, feelings, people, music, flowers; appreciate all of them while they are still here. You really don’t know what tomorrow may bring..

5. Most things come in twos: life and death, salt and pepper, pain and joy, Batman and Robin.. it’s called balance. Learn to balance everything in life. Learn what strangers to turn into friends and what friends may need to become strangers. Learn when it’s ok to be angry but, most importantly, learn when to let it go.

And lastly, focus on how far you have come and not how far you think you should be. You have done more in your 27 years than most people I know, including me. You have taken chances and lived more spontaneously than I sometimes wish you would but will always admire.

You know me and I could go on and on and on – I mean, I get this chance ONCE A YEAR – but I’m not. I am going to stop right there and remind you, once again, that you are, and will always be, my baby.

Happy Happy Birthday, Derek! Mom and dad love you to the moon and back!

Now go enjoy your day! I am going to sit here and wonder how the hell I am old enough to have a 27 YEAR old and how much longer I have to wait to become a grandma!

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