February Books

I guess the holidays really did me in because I cannot seem to get through one book, let alone four. Nonetheless, here are the books I read or am reading now.

The Book to Teach Me Something: Girl, Stop Apologizing By Rachel Hollis.

” … a wake-up call. She knows that many women have been taught to define themselves in light of other people—whether as wife, mother, daughter, or employee—instead of learning how to own who they are and what they want. With a challenge to women everywhere to stop talking themselves out of their dreams, Hollis identifies the excuses to let go of, the behaviors to adopt, and the skills to acquire on the path to growth, confidence, and believing in yourself.”

Just like her other book, Girl, Wash Your Face, there were parts I tolerated, parts I loved, and parts I could have done without.

I could have done without some of her personal stories, although, they did tie in well. What she considered “an excuse” isn’t always that.. sometimes they are actual REASONS why we cant do something at that particular moment, that doesn’t mean we are done with it for good – just delayed – and there were a few times I thought her logic was a bit skewed. HOWEVER, for the most part, I think it’s something I would encourage my own daughter to read. And I did find myself highlighting a few key parts. My favorite quote was this one:

“I’m grateful for the small spaces I’ve inhabited; they taught me how to grow.

I’m grateful for every misstep along the way; they taught me how to run.

I’m grateful for every moment of insecurity; they propelled me to gain a lifetime of confidence earned through practice and study. “

Rachel Hollis, Girl Stop Apologizing. Pg 58

In a nutshell, dont be afraid to screw up royally – there isn’t anything you do that can ruin your life FOREVER.

The Book to Take Me Away and the Book that’s Good For Me: Unfortunately, I STILL cannot get through Jodi Piccoult’s Small Great Things. I, honestly, can’t explain why, I just can’t. But I will.. eventually.

The Book That Is Just For Fun is just about to start. Elin Hildebrand’s Winter Solstice. I haven’t even cracked the cover yet but plan to start on a plane ride to Vegas tomorrow. I’ll keep ya posted!

August and September Books because I just cant seem to figure out how to cancel Kindle Unlimited.

It appears I have a Kindle Unlimited account I just cannot seem to cancel (yes, I’ve tried – numerous times). For some reason, it just wont seem to go away. So I decided to actually USE it (crazy, I know).

In my quest to use this application I have, apparently, been paying for since 2016 I found that, not only can you download books, you can LISTEN to them too! Since my discovery I have listened to more books than I ever thought was possible! I have found myself making excuses to drive places just so I can finish up a book or two.

Unfortunately, I haven’t even finished reading the books I started in July – but that’s ok – they aren’t going anywhere. Read below to see why:

The Book to Teach Me Something: Unleash Your Inner Money Babe by Kathrin Zenkin. I already told you I have some serious spending issues. Issues that need to be resolved ASAP, as in NOW, I mean, I have been paying for Kindle Unlimited for YEARS and never used it. See- issues… I thought this book would help me dig deep into these issues but, nope, doesn’t seem to be working. I just cant seem to get through this thing! No idea why. I guess it’s just not as interesting as I thought it would be. Or I really am a lost cause.


I still have it sitting here, on my desk, staring at me daily, just daring me to pick it up – and I will, eventually. I think.

In the meantime, I have read – listened to, actually -two books that fall into my Books That Are Just For Fun category.

My first Kindle Unlimited Audible Compatible book was The Overdue Life of Amy Byler by Kelly Harms.

Amy and I are kindred souls. There was so much of her I could relate to. There were a few times I wanted to BE her! Finding yourself, figuring out who you are when you aren’t a mother, and learning how to survive the inevitable; the moment you find out that your children have lives of their own and you have become nothing but a spectator. (ugh, that one hurt!) I couldn’t have said any better than she did below:

“the painful realization that your children need other people in their lives besides you, that soon you’ll be relegated to the sidelines of their adult lives and have no idea who you are anymore.” 

If I’m not the chauffeur, and cook (who are we kidding, the order taker is more like it), and pony tail maker – then who the hell am I?

This is about the time you start to look around at the people in your life. Specifically, your husband – and you wonder – who the hell is this guy? and where has he been all of this time? Sure, he’s been there – sort of – he yells at the kids when I dont want to and he goes on occasional family events when I make him but, who is he, really? Do I even like him?

“This man and I combined our genetics to make something greater than the sum of its parts. We made two children I love more than I have ever loved anything else…” 

In my case it’s three children but the concept is the same.

This book made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me feel sorry for her, it made me slightly jealous of her, and there were a few occasions my chest swelled with pride FOR her. My accidental purchase turned into a sweet and perfect 8 hour relationship I will treasure for ever.

My Kindle Unlimited account I can’t get rid of also led me to this off-the-wall surprise:

I’m Fine and Neither Are You really threw me for a loop right from the get go. Camille wasted no time in getting into the heart of the story by killing off one of the main characters in the first chapter. Although she (Jenny) remained part of the story, I have to admit, I was shocked by such a bold move. It’s been weeks since I read it and I still dont know what the REAL story line was. Was it how complicated and energy consuming marriage could be;

“But something between us had shifted over the course of our marriage, particularly the last two to three years. We had gone from being lovers to best friends to . . . roommates who routinely irritated each other.” 

That things weren’t always the way they appeared to be;

“and yet, you really didn’t know me”, Jenny said.

Or that all you have to do is look past all of the day to day mess and focus on the good stuff and you will be ok?

“This is not a test. Life is messy and sometimes tragic and often just plain hard for a woman to weather. But when you step back for a moment, the whole of it is incredibly beautiful—and that is what we must choose to focus on.” 

Whatever you take away from it – I hope it’s something positive. I’m still trying..

The Book to Take Me Away and the Book that’s Good For Me are one in the same and I still haven’t finished it. That’s not really a surprise as I have this trouble with ALL of Jodi Piccoult’s books. But for some reason small great things. has been tougher than most. I am determined to finish it this month, though – for sure!


My July Books

I have this thing about reading multiple books at a time. I have one for when I want to get away, one that’s good for me, one that’s just for fun, and one to teach me something. Up until the last few years, I have never had trouble “keeping up”. I could pick up a book and jump on in, knowing exactly where I had left off and what was happening. These days, though, it hasn’t been as easy.

Forget that I have had NO time to actually READ any of these books but, even when I do, I spend more time having to go back and reread so I know what the hell is happening. But that convo might be for another time…

Nonetheless, here are my current BOOKS IN PROGRESS:

The Book to Teach Me Something: Unleash Your Inner Money Babe by Kathrin Zenkin. Ok, so the fact that I even BUY this many books at a time should tell you that I have some serious spending issues. Issues that need to be resolved ASAP, as in NOW. So I thought I would dig deep into what the hell makes me NEED to buy so much crap ALL THE TIME.and teach me a thing or two about manifesting; a topic I am SUPER into right now. Sounds like a win-win.




I wish this chic luck; she has her work cut out with me. (wonder what I will do with that extra $1k)

So, occasionally, The Book to Take Me Away and the Book that’s Good For Me are one in the same. This month I am reading Jodi Piccoult’s; small great things. I have read ALOT of Jodi’s books and, for some reason, I always have a hard time getting into them. Then when I do, I cant put it down. And when I’m done, I am, literally, worn out. She has a way of touching each and every emotion that leaves you spent. It’s amazing and exciting and exhausting all at the same time.


This book has been no different. I have struggled to get through the first 100 pages. Each character is so complex. I keep having to go back to figure out who each person is (or it’s the age thing, again, who knows). Anyway, I’m on page 102 and have been for a while now. I think I have everyone figured out and I even think I know the outcome but things are never as they seem with her so the odds of that are slim. Nonetheless, I’m inching along. Page by page, person by person, decade by decade…


The Book that’s Just For Fun: I stumbled across a new (to me) author in a used books store the other day and I REALLY REALLY like it… Jamie Brenner, and her Forever Summer was a real enjoyment. It was easy to get through, the characters were super relatable and I really liked the ending. It wasn’t anything that made you ponder life as you know it but I did shed a tear and, maybe, even belted out a laugh or two. I totally recommend if you are laying on a beach somewhere.. which is where I was when I read this.