Magnolia Silos, Shopping, and Cupcakes

An impromptu trip to Branson led to an even more impromptu stop at the Silos.

Now this place has been on my yearly Things to Do List for several years now and in November of 2020; I finally got to go. Best part; it was completely unexpected!

The stop started out routinely enough… the silos were exactly as I expected. Rustic, but really…. pretty.

The store was open so, of course, I HAD TO SHOP. Things were decently priced; which in all honesty, was a very pleasant surprise. I picked up a lounger set, I mean, I’m not wearing much else in these days of quarantine, and the customary Christmas ornament.

The bakery, however, had to be the highlight of the trip. Not only did the line wrapped around the building go by quickly (they must be trained by the same people from CFA) but they let me take my Kobi in and the cupcakes were UH-MAZING!.

We went and sat out in the amazing courtyard and talked about all things JoAnne. Only SHE can make shiplap – a word I am not only know well but am really in Love with – look amazingly fabulous. I mean, the woman is a damn SAINT. And one of the few people I actually aspire to BE -but will settle for a 2 second meeting!

Bottom line; I will be back, often, and if you ever get the chance to visit.. TAKE IT!

3 thoughts on “Magnolia Silos, Shopping, and Cupcakes

    1. I had the chocolate and my daughter had s’mores… we could have stayed there all day… eating every single one they had! Go if you can! You wont regret it!

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