House of Cards (aka Washington DC)

(Original post 04/2016)
Another work trip.. but I cant complain when it’s a place as gorgeous and filled with history as this one.
Leaving a day early for some sightseeing is definitely a habit I will keep. Going to work knowing I have seen what’s on the other side of the hotel window is a lot easier than staring out of it the entire time I am there, praying for light that isn’t florescent.
We arrived Saturday evening, and although it was cold, we hit the town.
I was told that it being  as cold as it was actually helped us beat the crowds, but when you cant feel your face, it’s hard to appreciate Lincoln in all his glory.
And while, he is indeed magical, IM FROM TEXAS.. and I was too cold to enjoy the beautiful scenery, so we called it a night and opted for dessert and wine instead.
The next day was much nicer and we took advantage of the sun peeking out to do some sightseeing.
We started on the hunt for a restaurant that had gotten some great reviews and ended up at a wonderful Farmer’s Market.12933113_10206720197749189_7431866570549192416_n
Seeing places like this really make me want to move. I love the outside, I love SHOPPING outside.. seeing the colors of the art, the plants, the fruit.. and all of the “colorful” people that sell them. For me, it’s a breathe of fresh air and I love every single second of it.
We spent way more time there than we should have and I didn’t regret a second it.. but we did have sights to see, people to meet.. so off we went!

From there, we headed over to the Washington Monument. Now, I had already been told that you had to be there early to get a ticket to go up, but no one told me you had to be there BY 7:30am. Needless to say, no tickets for us. So instead we walked around and enjoyed all of the monuments.. and trust me, there are plenty.
We started with the World War II Memorial, then the Korean Monument, then headed over to the Vietnam Monument. Each was exquisite and beautiful.. and something you have to see. 12985375_10206721580583759_8897820619544020486_n
We decided the White House was just too darn close not to go, so off we went.. ON FOOT.. it wasn’t too too bad.. and the hotdog we picked up along the way really helped.
The White House was.. well.. white.. Ok, so I’m from Texas and we have HUGE houses here.. so I really wasn’t all that impressed.
I was more disappointed we couldn’t get a tour.. Now, don’t get me wrong, I understand security and how important it is, but that house belongs to the citizens.. shouldn’t getting in to see it but available??
Anyway, we couldn’t get in so we opted for hanging out outside. The courtyard across the street was actually really pretty so we sat and rested and took in the scent of all the tulips.105.jpg
TIP: If you want to go, book WAAAAY in advance.
When it was all done I would have to say it’s a city I would love to come back to – WITH SOME PLANNING, and ALOT more time.  Two days just isn’t enough. I’m sad to report it wasn’t even my first time there. I had been before and only got to see about half a days worth.

Sigh.. I really need to get out more often.

Until next time!

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