Are my hormones really out of whack or am I just a bitch?

Today is the day – in a few minutes I will be on my way to see the PA for my hormone lab results to find out if I am a candidate for the hormone injection pellets. I did some more reading over the weekend to make sure it was, in fact, what I wantedContinue reading “Are my hormones really out of whack or am I just a bitch?”

Getting to “second base”

So the mammogram – or as I like to call it; “getting to second base” is now complete. With a history of cancer in my family; waiting on these results is nerve-wracking. You can tell yourself a million times over that you are fine, but until you actually hear the words from a professional, youContinue reading “Getting to “second base””

42 bottles of blood….

I went for my initial consult this morning. Went through the usual array of medical questions – when was your last period?  2006.. how many children? 3  do you drink? I have THREE children, of course I drink!  You get the idea.. I did the whole peeing in a cup thing, they took, what appearedContinue reading “42 bottles of blood….”

Hormone Pellet Injections – because im too old for SnapChat but too young for LifeAlert.

So I, reluctantly, went to a women’s social the other day. I was dreading going the entire day and even when I parked, I seriously considered just turning around and going home. But I didn’t – I mean, I had paid the $25 to attend and, at the very least, I could enjoy ONE glassContinue reading “Hormone Pellet Injections – because im too old for SnapChat but too young for LifeAlert.”

If I Had Only…

Want to add a caption to this image? Click the Settings icon. I often find myself wishing I had done SOME things differently.. “if I had only..” 1. Tried harder in school. – One of my biggest regrets is failing to finish what I started. Sometimes life just gets in the way. But I havent givenContinue reading “If I Had Only…”

Then They Do….

I had three kids by the age of 26.. I remember being so tired I would go into the shower and cry. I worried about them constantly.. I worried that I wouldn’t have the energy to keep up with the midnight feedings or that I wasn’t paying enough attention to the boys or that I wasn’t payingContinue reading “Then They Do….”

Getting Old Sucks..

I just turned 46 years old. I’m SUPPOSED to be in the prime of my life. But I’m not. I find myself slowly falling apart.. vision is going, I forget things, and sometimes, if I laugh hard enough…well, THINGS happen.. things no one wants to know about. The Face… This face. The one I haveContinue reading “Getting Old Sucks..”