Words of Wisdom for my 19 year old daughter

19! I can’t even believe it! I remember the day you were born as if it were yesterday.
Labor was induced and scheduled so there are no dramatic stories to tell.. having you was fairly quick, in relation to your brothers anyway, and, sort of easy- as easy as childbirth can be …not sure but feels like that sort of set the tone for you – you’ve always been a no frills, no drama, “I got this” kinda girl. The complete opposite of me.
And while you’re probably still more mature than I am, it wouldn’t be right if I let this day start without my WORDS of WISDOM- not that you need them.. but here goes anyway..
1. Be nice. Especially when you don’t want to.
2. Watch a sun rise and set any chance you get. Then thank God for that amazing opportunity.
3. Never refuse chocolate. Ever.
4. Think BIG but always, always, always enjoy and appreciate the little things.
5. Return anything you borrow. Preferably in better condition than you got it
6. Handwritten thank you notes, birthday cards, and RSVP’s will ALWAYS be better than any text. Doesn’t matter who it is or what the occasion may be.
7. Go places you don’t want to go. Remember any moment can turn into an adventure with the right mind set.
8. Make time for friends and family – Even if it means getting up at 6 am and driving over 300 miles.
9. Use a planner, keep a journal, and WRITE THINGS DOWN. I know you’ll think you’ll remember (and knowing you, you probably will) but do it just in case.. and most importantly,
10. Don’t be afraid to stray from that planner and just go with the flow… there’s a great big world out there, sweetheart, and if any opportunity arises for you to see it- drop what you’re doing and go.
The day you were born you completed our family, you completed my heart, and you completed ME. Dad and I love you to the moon and back. And we are so, so proud to be your parents…
Now go back and read #8 and be ready. I’m on my way!

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