Words of Wisdom for Dylan’s 24th Birthday

On November 30th, 24 years ago, I became a mother for the second time.  There’s no denying 24 is a strange time in ones life; I know it was for me. And although you don’t have two kids like I did (thank God) I’m guessing you’re finding yourself in this state as well. Trust me,Continue reading “Words of Wisdom for Dylan’s 24th Birthday”

Words of Wisdom to my 24 year old son

24 years old! How did this happen? Just the other day your dad and I were out buying you a Emmitt Smith jersey just praying you’d be a boy.. and now you are a MAN. In moms usual fashion – I HAVE to give you my Words of Wisdom – although you have always marchedContinue reading “Words of Wisdom to my 24 year old son”