Is this our new “normal”?

I read an article on the lasting impact this virus is going to have on us and how we do business. For the most part, I agreed with everything the author said; expect for one thing…  She stated that “the comfort of being in the presence of others will be replaced by a greater comfortContinue reading “Is this our new “normal”?”

Twenty Five! You are TWENTY FIVE YEARS OLD!.​

Twenty Five! You are TWENTY-FIVE YEARS OLD! Your dad and I were “children” ourselves when you were born, or at least we felt like it. The day you were born was probably the scariest day of our lives. Parenthood started by me climbing out the window of your tia Minnie’s house. That, alone, should haveContinue reading “Twenty Five! You are TWENTY FIVE YEARS OLD!.​”

The Bottomless Pit – that bottoms out at 140 feet (Carlsbad Caverns)

(Original Post Dec 2016) If there is one thing you need to do in your life just once, Carlsbad Caverns is probably it..                ONCE is enough for me!  We started our journey early on the morning on the 21st.. a quick stop for fuel (gas and coffee) andContinue reading “The Bottomless Pit – that bottoms out at 140 feet (Carlsbad Caverns)”