I am a mother of three “grown” children-at least in the eyes of the law – my bank account begs to differ – wife of one football coach– and mommy to the cutest little yorkie around. His name is Kobi and he has his own Instagram. 

Nope, not embarrassed by that one bit!

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My oldest is 24 and plans to be a rockstar. His goal is never to grow up, and as much as that drives me crazy, there is a part of me that is slightly jealous of him and his carefree attitude.

My middle son is 22. He is a senior at Texas State University, founding member of a frat, and was voted Typical Teen in High School – need I say more.

My baby is 19 and a freshman at the University of Texas at Austin. She has been a cheerleader since she was six and probably has the least spirit of anyone I know. But she is also one of the coolest people I have ever met.

I do have a job, one that I love, and has led me to some pretty amazing places. I am also a Stella and Dot Stylist  AND a DoTerra Rep  but only because I love that stuff and like to get discounts. There are pages on that too – click the links and it’ll take you there.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved to share my adventures in traveling, the pictures I’ve taken along the way, and the crazy things that seem to happen only to me.  So when I was tasked to create a blog for a class – yes, I am 46 years old and STILL in school – probably the longest living student on the planet – I jumped on the chance.  The class is over but the blog, that might stay for a while..

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